11+ Exam papers and tutoring tips

11+ Exam papers and tutoring tips

Welcome to our site 11plusehelp.co.uk, an online platform beneficial to all the 11 Plus test aspirants mean children, the parents who wanted their child to enter the top-rated school and also for Eleven Plus tutors who guide students for UK 11 Plus.


11 Plus tutoring tips for parents

When to start 11 Plus preparation?

The answer is clear that it depends on the ability of your child. Some can learn in a short period of time while some children may take more time.

Usually, 12 months of preparation is quite adequate. So, starting at the beginning of Year 5 is probably a good time. For instance, to ace, the test-taking place in September of year 6, start at the very latest January of year 5.

how to prepare a child for Grammar school or any Independent school?

One way is to send your child near tutors, finding them out by browsing “11 Plus tuition near me” over the web, but of course, that tuition doesn’t come cheap!

So it is better if can make this on your own rather than sending your child being monitored by a tutor.

You must go through resources like CGP 11 plus test books, best 11 Plus practice books, KSOL 11 Plus books, bond books grammar school, 11 Plus vocabulary practice book KS2 and eleven plus for understanding the concepts based on the test your child is taking. The second thing is that children do need to familiarize themselves with the types of 11 Plus exam questions to do well.

You can find all the mentioned above things on our site at a very low cost of the subscription.

We provide you with the best teaching material for 11 Plus online tuition through videos. Our 11 Plus guide helps you get thorough with the concepts. We also provide the 11 Plus one to one tutors and private tutor for 11 Plus Exam. Besides we offer various type of tests which include

  • Subject-wise tests: online 11 Plus Maths tests, English Grammar school test, free Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning tests, Non-verbal reasoning worksheets, academy Plus logic test.
  • School-specific tests: kent test practice papers, Grammar school test papers with answers, Bexley 11 test papers, Bond GL assessment test, CEM sample test papers, Medway test practice papers, Birmingham grammar test, Sutton 11 Plus exam
  • Time-based tests: short and long tests.
  • 11 Plus mock test papers pdf

All these tests lead to perfect practice.

We have separate login 11 Plus for parents where you can assign tests for your child. You can find the test name, subject, difficulty level and duration. The results appear immediately with clear explanations for each solution through which you can assess your child’s performance.

We have a “School Applications” menu under Parent Login.

This feature is available for FREE @ 11plusehelp.co.uk.

You can now keep track of all the 11 Plus Grammar Schools / Independent Schools you wish to apply for. You can add any number of schools you want to apply for, in a single place, along with their deadlines, exam dates, addresses, school open days and any other useful notes.

Tutor Features:

Tutor Features at 11PluseHelp.co.uk


Tutor – How to add new Students?

Tutor – How to add new Students?


11 Plus Preparation – Help for Eleven Plus Tutors

11 Plus Preparation – Help for tutors


11 plus tutors-How do I Assign Tests to my students or children?

How do I Assign Tests to my students or children?


How to keep your child calm?

If your child is concerned about taking the 11 plus exam, we suggest

  • Build up confidence in them that everything goes fine and just to give their best on the exam day.
  • Don’t put too much stress on them and avoid comparing with other peers.
  • Take an active role in supporting your child in preparation by making a study schedule.
  • Give praise where praise is due. Applaud them if they get good scores in practice tests.
  • Teach them to be resilient.
  • Tell your child that it doesn’t matter what the test result is, their effort is important.
  • Make them feel that you have the utmost faith in them.

11PluseHelp.co.uk is a one-stop-shop for 11 Plus preparation including 11 Plus Independent schools preparation.

We focus on fundamentals, logic, basics and cover most of the syllabus for all 11 Plus exam patterns in the UK. For example, We cover Maths topic wise questions and fundamentals and how to apply them.

We have loads of questions useful for the preparation of CEM, CSSE and GL assessment and any other 11 Plus entrance examinations in the UK. Children will love to take these tests and learning is fun at 11plusehelp.co.uk.

You can access 11 Plus FREE Papers by visiting the below link:

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11 Plus complete solution features:


Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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