11 Plus English Papers with Answers

11 Plus English Papers with Answers:

11PluseHelp.co.uk is a one-stop shop for 11 Plus preparation, including 11 Plus Independent schools preparation.

Our English test papers cover different question types, which will help every child clear the entrance exams like CEM, CSSE, GL Assessment, and Independent Schools conducted by different grammar schools, Independent schools and other private schools. To meet the entrance exams’ expectations, we have prepared practice test papers on different levels like Easy, Medium and High. By practising the exam papers on these different levels, children can identify their strengths and weaknesses in English papers. 11PluseHelp.co.uk has many eleven plus exam practice tests which help children to focus and improve their skills in all subjects.

These tests are useful for preparing for CEM, CSSE and GL assessment and any other 11 Plus entrance examinations in the UK.

We added the following comprehension recently:


Short Comprehension

Creative Writing Resources in the downloadable Resources section



Spelling Tests



Misspelt Words

Figures of Speech




Jumbled Words

Shuffled Sentences





Odd One Out

Compound Words

11 Plus Vocabulary learning is made easy with all-new Vocabulary My Flash Cards at 11plusehelp.co.uk. We have many synonyms, antonyms and spelling tests to improve children’s vocabulary and spelling skills.

Sample questions from our English tests are:


English Grammar Example Problem from 11 plus practice paper

english sample question 2

We have a good number of 11 Plus English Papers with Answers.

11 Plus Topic-wise Free Practice Papers

11 Plus Topic-wise Free Practice Papers

Creative Writing:

11Plusehelp.co.uk has some guidelines and sample pieces in the Resources section so check out the resource: 11 Plus English Creative Writing Suggestions.

11+ Creative Writing

11+ Creative Writing

You can also go through kid’s samples of Creative Writing here: https://www.11plusehelp.co.uk/blog/creative-writings/

If you wish, you can submit your children’s Creative Writings here: https://www.11plusehelp.co.uk/blog/submit-creative-writing/

11PluseHelp.co.uk is a one-stop shop for 11 Plus preparation, including 11 Plus Independent schools preparation.

11 Plus Complete Features

11 Plus Complete Features

It’s a detailed online platform with a lot of explanations. Register or log in to view or download resources.

11 Plus English Comprehension Tips

We focus on fundamentals, logic, and basics and cover most of the syllabus for all 11 Plus exam patterns in the UK and Northern Ireland. For example, We cover Maths topic-wise questions and fundamentals and how to apply them. We have various tests, time-based, short, long and various types, including standard mocks. All these tests lead to perfect practice, and the child should be fully prepared to face any 11 Plus Grammar School tests or Independent Schools tests.

You can access 11 Plus FREE Papers by visiting the below link:

You can access 11 Plus FREE Sample Papers by visiting the below link:

11 Plus complete solution features:


Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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