What is 11 plus?

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The 11 plus is an examination conducted to students for governing admission to grammar schools and other secondary schools. It is held for the children of Year 5 or beginning of Year 6 of primary school and is used to identify the most skilled students academically.

Introduced in 1944, the examination was used to interpret which type of state school the student should attend after their primary school education: a grammar school, a secondary modern school, or a technical school for their secondary education.

Grammar schools can are quite different from modern secondary schools as they take students’ admissions based on academic achievement whereas a secondary modern may not.

Grammar schools were intended to teach an academic curriculum to the most intellectually able 25 percentage of the school population as selected by the 11 plus entrance examination.

There are only about 164 grammar schools in England, out of some 3,000 state secondary schools, and about 69 grammar schools in Northern Ireland.

The schools select their pupils by means of an examination known as the “11-plus”. The typical grammar school test age is considered to be 11, hence the name eleven plus exams.

11 Plus Subjects:

Though the scope and content of this 11 plus test paper are varied from region to region, the questions are expected from the subjects namely:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-verbal Reasoning

11 plus exam format:

11 plus test is conducted in two formats whose question types are primarily

Traditional Format

In this format, your child has to write the answers in the space provided in the 11+ exam paper.

Multiple-choice format

In this pattern, the answers for the given multiple-choice questions are to be marked in the separate sheet given.

11+ exam Boards

There are two main exam boards for the 11-plus exam:

  1. GL assessment 11+– previously known as NFER.
  2. CEM 11+ – developed by the Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring at Durham University.

These two boards are the examiners for the 11 plus in virtually all regions where the 11 plus test is still used. Which exam board will be used usually depends on the location of your chosen grammar school. So before you start preparing for the 11 plus test, you need to know which exam board will administer the test.

Why is so important for your child to take 11 plus?

11 plus is the pathway for your child to get the best chance of going to a grammar school. It decides your child’s future about where to continue his further education – grammar, technical or modern schools. The 11+ exam is regarded as an effective way to discover the strand to which a child was most suited.

One must keep in mind that it is skills that decide your child’s schooling but not his financial status. 11 plus is the best way of happening this true.

Then why late, provide your child with a bright future through your right decision. Start preparing him for this exam right from the age of 3.

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