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Parent’s guide provides this parent’s guide to enrich you with the facts about 11 plus exams you need to know and follow. Being a parent, you are solely responsible for building up your child’s future. You, as parents, can encourage your child towards a correct path. You should also be a part of their struggle for this and help them navigate a route to career success.

Firstly, search for all the available paths and choose the best one that suits your child’s interests. Since this must happen during their early ages, one such track that ticks everyone’s mind is the 11+ exam.

Gather the necessary information

Seeking the necessary information about the path that you have decided is much essential before starting your journey.

For the 11 plus test, it is vital to know:

  • When is the exam conducted, and what are its eligibility criteria?
  • How will be the exam pattern?
  • Which subjects did the 11 plus focus?
  • What are the Admission rules for your preferred schools?
  • How will be the testing process for your preferred school?

Since the rules and selection process may vary from year to year, have a natural look over the changes being made.

Become a tutor and start preparing your child right from your home…

Once you get clear about the things, it is time to begin preparing your child. You can make this on your own rather than sending your child being monitored by a tutor. As the tutors feel this work just as their profession, it would be more efficient if your child gets prepared under your surveillance. wishes to be your building block in this context. We know that your child’s performance in 11 plus exams will determine which secondary school they will attend and what potential implications that brings – that’s why we’re here to offer consistent and quality support.

We don’t want to see you spending lump sums for each tutor and still being concerned about your child’s ability in the 11 plus exams. So start teaching your child right from your home using our resources. We provide you with the best11 plus teaching material for each concept. You can download them after taking the subscription.

You can also assign practice tests for your child as our platform contains various topic-wise tests, Mixed type tests, long and short tests and mocks and check their daily progress through our statistics. Many questions are being added every day.

You can also get access to 11 plus sample papers for various independent secondary schools along with valid solutions.

We don’t make your payment go in vain. Feel free to consult us for any queries and suggestions, and we are available 24×7.

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11 Plus complete solution features:

Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent


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