11 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning

11 Plus Non Verbal Reasoning

11 Plus Non-verbal Reasoning is an area, which deals with problem-solving by using pictures and diagrams. It improves the ability of a child to analyze visual information and solve problems based on visual reasoning.

What is Non Verbal reasoning?

NVR helps a child in complex problem solving without relying upon words and language abilities. Since our mind can grasp a subject or a concept in the form of pictures, 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning is an area that deals with this skill. A child with higher reasoning skills acquires rapid learning of new things and quick decision-making skills.

11pluehelp.co.uk focuses mainly on child concentration problems and verbal skills, and it gauges a child’s general intelligence.

11pluehelp.co.uk designed the test papers to make the child learn oneself on figures, drawing inferences, identifying the relationships, similarities of the figures arranged in a pattern. These 11+ Non-verbal Reasoning practice papers will improve core skills and helps to score high in 11 plus entrance exams.

It does not require any prior knowledge and can be used to determine a candidate’s potential to think logically and recognize patterns.

11 Plus Non-verbal reasoning tests are designed to assess how well a child can analyze visual information and solve problems using visual logic.

Some of the 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning question types are:

Sequences, Odd one out, Groupings, Patterns, Mirror Images, Parts within a shape, Nets and Cubes, Parts within a shape, Codes, and Shapes, Similar and different types of shapes.

Some examples:



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