The power of Habit

Charles Duhigg’s best-selling Power of Habit (2012) investigates the science of habit as a powerful tool to take control of our lives.

Students should learn the basic science of habit, and empower themselves to own their learning and plot their success. In turn, mould habits to boost their own productivity.

Neurological studies of the brain show that habits leave a permanent impact on the brain.

The students intended to attempt 11plus, GL assessments, CEM, CSSE and all the competitive exams to secure a seat in Independent schools, state secondary schools or Grammar schools should follow habit loops.

Carefully planning a few habit loops in the 11+preparations on a regular basis can help get students focused faster, solidify what they have learned at the end of the 11+preparations and even subvert negative reactions to assessments.

Students need to prepare a timetable according to their free time. They should allot time to the preparation of 11+subjects based on their abilities and weaknesses.

Students have to just create positive habits of their own and spend at least 10 minutes daily as a habit for their 11+preparations and make it a habit or routine to achieve best results in their 11+ exams.

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Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent


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