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11 Plus Geometry is one of the classical disciplines of mathematics.

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In Greek, it is translated as “Earth Measurement” and is concerned with the properties of figures and space.

11 Plus Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with shapes and their properties. The properties include finding the area, perimeter, volume, length, width, height, angles and so on.

Geometry is important for many reasons. The world is made up of different shapes and spaces, so Geometry finds huge applications in the real world out of which some are described below.

Geometry in art and architecture:

Geometry plays a vital role in the construction of different houses and buildings. Geometrical tools like the protractor, ruler, measuring tape, and much more are used in construction work. Engineers, architects and builders use geometry to calculate area and volume before they start making plans for different structures.

Geometry in Astronomy

In astronomy, astronomers use geometric shapes to understand the location of different planets, solar system, and different stars. Many geometrical principles and equipment are used in astronomy.11 Plus Geometry  is developed as a practical guide for measuring the velocity, area, volume and length of heavenly bodies.

 Geometry in Domestic Activities

Few helpful tools, such as measuring cups, measuring spoons and scales, are part of Geometry. Points, lines, angles, curves, two- and three-dimensional shapes, volumes and proportions form the basics of home design as well as geometry.11 Plus Geometry  is also applied in playful activities like building kites, constructing skateboard ramps or creating Lego.

Some professions use geometry to do their job properly like computer imaging that is used these days for designing, creating video games and animations. Geometry is used while shopping at the store too.

Hence, it is observed that geometry affects us even in the most basic details of our lives. Studying Geometry helps students improve logic and problem solving, and to make progress in other branches of mathematics, such as trigonometry.




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