Don’t just prepare – keep checking your child’s 11+ Progress

Don’t just prepare – keep checking your child’s 11+ Progress

Success in 11+ tests is most likely where children are well prepared, both academically and subject knowledge and skills of their exam techniques from at least Year 3. recommends that you create a preparation plan for your child to maximise the time they have to sufficiently prepare for 11+ exams.

The steps you need to take are:

Find out your child’s strengths and weaknesses: helps you to target your child’s 11 plus revision effectively. We provide a lot of revision material that will help to identify which subjects your child struggles with and needs more practice on. To help with this, offers mock tests to discover how strong your child is in  11 plus English, 11 plus Maths, 11 plus Verbal reasoning and 11 plus Non-verbal reasoning.

To train your child effectively for 11 plus exams, CEM or GL Assessment or CSSE or Independent School 11+ Tests you need to make them answer as many tests as possible.

Create a revision schedule:

The analytical test results will help you work out which subjects your child needs to spend more time working on. Assess your child’s 11+ preparations in order to develop a realistic schedule that you and your child will be able to stick to.

Don’t just prepare:

Children will benefit from practice in developing the exam skills required to pass the 11plus. made a provision of assigning tests to their child. This menu helps you to assign tests to your child. And let your child practice these tests as many times as possible. This menu helps you to check your child’s 11+ progresses.

Although it is important, try not to overstress your child. Let them practice on their own course because it is counterproductive to make unnecessarily stressed.


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Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent


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