Are you paying too much money to multiple tuitions?

Are you thinking of your child’s competition for places at the top independent and grammar schools? The first thing that comes to your mind will be about a tutor, who could take care of all the needs of your child regarding the 11+ exams preparation.

Here you need to research on the fee structure prevailing in the present situation in the UK. 11plusehelp provides you with the detailed fee structure for 11plus preparation presently followed.

According to prospects private tutoring for 11+, independent school entrance tests and higher education exams can cost on average between £200 and £1,000 as they require additional materials and resources to teach and it means a large hole in your pocket. And when you prefer a particular tutor only for your child, it could expect to pay a further 10% per session.

According to in general, for academic tuition up to the age of 14, rates are around £30 per hour, for GCSE the cost is around £32.50 per hour, and for A-level tutors are charging £36 per hour on average. For the university-level study, the average rate charged was £41 an hour.

Their rate could increase to between £50 and £60 per hour differ depending on the subject, the level, experience or qualifications, the cost of materials used such as practice papers, the preparation required, travel costs and travel time.

Moreover, 11plusehelp helps you not to be locked into a regular appointment that you don’t need. offers an online platform that lets you get help when you need it, whether it’s a five-minute Maths or something lengthier. provides a lot of free practice test papers for your child. Many past test papers are also available for free. serves as a one-stop-shop 24/7 online platform.

We offer lots of 11plus past practice papers for your child’s CSSE, CEM, GCSE, 11plus, Independent schools exams preparation with a very less amount of subscription. You may choose any one of the subscriptions provided. provides weekly, monthly quarterly and yearly subscriptions to choose within. welcomes you to the world’s best economical online platform, which guarantees the best future for your child.

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