I waited. No reply.

There was definitely a body there; it was limp and doll-like though. Not taking my eyes away from what i saw through my large black glasses, I slowly lifted my hand up the wall: “It” didn’t move. I traced my fingers along the hand-printed wallpaper in search of the light switch.
It was if the world had just revealed its darkest secrets. My hand clasped over my mouth. That same girl was in the picture Maya showed me and Grace: but instead of laughing and smiling, she was hanging limply from a thick rope from the ceiling.
There was no point in avoiding her now. She hadn’t any life anymore. I took a step back and started to walk out of the room. But I ain’t no Sherlock like Grace. My hurried walk soon broke into a run.
My legs felt like the shortbread cookies that Grace s Aunt had baked us for lunch: as if they were going to crumble away any moment now. But where i was settled my panic for a bit; I had made it to the main stage.
I sprinted onto the stage as fast as my skinny legs would carry me; and started waving my arms frantically around in the middle of the stage. Honestly, i had no idea what I was doing...
A face emerged out from the darkness of the main stage.  " Just what..." Miss Violette started. She had the word FURIOUS marked on her forehead as she approached me.  "Do you think your doing!"
I froze. I had never been shouted at by one of the English.
But I wasn't listening to her. "ABBY WILLIAMS."
The whole cast froze; even Grace and Maya froze half way down the stairs.
The silence started to ring loudly in my ears. My head started spinning; I just wanted it to all stop.
But I couldn't.
I grabbed Miss Violette
s hand and lead her to The first Floor, Left hand corridor. That sight once again met my eyes: an innocent happy girl, now hanging hopeless with her last smile still etched across her face.


Well, ONCE an innocent happy girl.
Miss Violette dropped her clip board and her pencil fell and snapped into two. She was moving her mouth but no sound came out. “What urged her to do this…?”
I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t say anything. So I remained speechless and just shook my head.
“Not WHAT urged her to do this,” Someone somewhere said. I couldn’t see their face through the lack of clarity with my vision, but their voice said it all. “It`s WHO FORCED her.” Samuel pointed at me.
Again, there was that ringing silence. It kept getting louder and louder and I couldn’t stop it this time. A blurred figure approached me and another followed hurriedly after.
I closed my eyes…


” Hey… Tris…” Grace s voice called out. "Are you alive anymore?" She started to raise her voice a little.
My eyes slowly started to lift open. It was like the whole world had been re-painted with colour.
My head appeared to be tilted lightly on its side facing the window showing the thick flakes of snow drifting slowly from their place in the sky.
It seemed to stand out in the dark room I was in.
I started directly at the ceiling as a pair of gentle arms brought me to lean against pillows.
“Your finally awake!” Grace s face quickly changed to an expression of panic. "Your OK, right? You can stand?"
I couldn't bring myself to answer her. My eyes were fixed on my surroundings; a small single bed in a cramped room that smelled highly of medicine.
"How long have I been here..?"    I asked concerned as I turned to face her.
Grace eyes drifted away from my gaze. "That
s not the point…”
“How long have I been here?” I repeated sternly, cutting her off mid-sentence.
Her face dropped in defeat. She knew she had lost; as she always did.
She stared at the flakes of silver, dark cotton falling obliquely against the dim candlelight. “A month…” She didn’t bother to meet my eyes. Then again, she knew i already knew what had been said while i was temporarily zoned out of the world. “Nurses said if you didn’t wake up soon, you`d die.” She continued glumly. “And everyone else…well…”


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