little girl in the dark forest

In the middle of mysteries and nature, stood a lost figure-tall and slender-stranded. It was a place where you can’t see beyond, it is like being stuck inside a bubble-alone and helpless. Mountains casted immense shadows around her blocking any sight of light and happiness. Open space roamed across the field but in her mind, the walls began to close in.
Amy pinched herself to make sure it was a dream. Everything was reality. Everything that she could see was real. Greenery had extended from the trees to the moss beginning to grow within the mountains, which were covering over Amy. A waterfall ran down the edge of the mountain, creating a splash as a tear of fear rolled down Amy’s cheek.
But a feeling of danger began to grow. Amy could see dinosaurs walking towards each other with anger and fury. Darkness and danger entered into the sky, slicing every speck of light into debris.The polluted air filled with smoke, which erupted from the tallest mountain in Amy’s sight. Mud and manor that settled on the wet grass lifted into the air spreading a revolting scent, giving Amy the shivers. She just couldn’t stand the scent.
The different herbs combined together, reminding Amy of her food back home. But that thought didn’t last, it was the last thing she could think of.Entering one ear then leaving the other, the lively sound of birds tweeting and crickets creaking, began to cool down Amy’s fear. Waterfalls ran down the edge forming ripples of waves that brought a soothing feeling along with the birds chirping. But darkness still overpowered the liveliness.
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