“The Haunting of the Mansion” by Advaitha

 “The Haunting of the Mansion” by Advaitha 

Gasping for breath, I stood there, horrified. I knew there was no way back home. Ahead of me, loomed a shabby, mighty mansion. I was utterly alarmed. I had wondered how I encountered myself into this mess. A sense of dread arose through my heart. Slender branches scraped against the dilapidated building. I remarked faint footprints coming in but not out. The ramshackle building had no life inside it. Barely alive, there it stayed. Misery engulfed my soul.

I was not sure if I could survive long. The eerie atmosphere puzzled me. I didn’t want to stay out. I had no choice but to go inside the inhospitable building. Cautiously, I discreetly crept inside. The spiral staircase stood above me. I ran over to see if anyone was near. Unfortunately, there was not even a soul in sight. I collapsed onto the creaking, wooden planks and dug my face into my hands. I was homesick. I was overwhelmed. I wanted to see my family’s happy faces again. Was I destined to…

‘HELP!’ a muffled sound interrupted.


I heard someone in great distress! I perked up and helped myself out of the anguish I was facing. Almost tripping over myself, I quickly scrambled up the staircase. My timidity rose into valour as I realized that I was going to help someone else. Finally, I reached the top floor. I listened attentively to locate where the other person was. This was the only chance of me finding my home! I accidentally stumbled over the floorboards and tripped into a room. It was overgrown and looked like no one had ever been there before. It looked like a study room, with a torn lamp over a damaged desk.

‘Help!’ a plugged scream tore the silence.

The person who needed help was near. The person sounded familiar! I struggled to get up, but I got there at last. I tried walking but…Ouch! My leg ached terribly. It must have got sprained while I ran up. So, I limped carefully, not to lose my balance, to where the sound was coming from. As I reached the end of the large desk, I saw a familiar figure in the dark. The silhouette of the person had created an illusion. There I saw another girl, about the same age as me, tied uncomfortably to a rocking-chair and stifled with a gag. Without hesitation, I helped her out…

‘ Alexa! ’she gasped.

Oh my… I realized who she was!

My hands covering my mouth, I hushed ‘Lexy?’

‘Yes, indeed!’ she whispered.

I was delighted!

Suddenly, we heard screams. ‘The spirit that guards the house, it is it!’ she said.  We jumped at the very thought. I quickly grasped her hand and rushed downstairs. We made a swift exit. We had not stopped running until the smell of dinner was near. As we knocked on the door, I realized that we were in my house. As the door opened, I burst myself in and hugged my parents. They were shocked!

‘We missed you!’ they would say.

Lexy had a sleepover at our house.  But the next day, when we went to school, we found out that we were going to that very place as an educational trip…

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28 Replies to ““The Haunting of the Mansion” by Advaitha”

  1. “Awesome….. very nice … well presented story… did not expect such a beautiful vocabulary from a 9 year old….. by cheeky Advaitha.👏👌👍🙏”

  2. Wonderful layout. I had a very interesting time reading the text. You will pass the 11plus when it comes to creative writing!

  3. Well done dear Advitha👏🏻 I am amazed by your writing and story. I like the ending. Keep up the good work darling. Looking forward to see more of your writing😊

  4. Advaitha, I am amazed that a 9 year old has written this story. Commendable! I loved your writing style and your story was quite interesting. Kept me glued till the end. Continue writing, no matter what you do in life. If you haven’t already, try your hand at writing poetry, as your writing style suggests you may do very well with poetry too. I wish you the best in life!

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