Westminster School 11 Plus Entry Process…..

Westminster School 11 Plus Entry Process…..


Due to the increasing number of boys applying for 11+ entry we now make use of an electronic assessment in the Admissions Process.
These are set by the ISEB (Independent Schools Examination Board) and are called the ISEB Common Pre-Tests. They are used by many senior schools.
The tests will consist of papers in Mathematics, English, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning and can only be taken once.


Approximately 90 boys are then selected for the next stage in the admissions process.
They are invited back to the school on 26 January 2019 to take additional written papers in Mathematics and English (Please be aware that we do not provide past papers).

11 Plus Mathematics

We would expect that the boys sitting the 11+ Mathematics test would have completed the program of study contained within the National Curriculum at Key Stage Two, or its equivalent.
We would also expect that these boys are able to achieve Level 5 in their Key Stage Two SATs or their equivalent.
We are particularly interested in the boys’ ability to apply the mathematics they have learned in the context of problem-solving.

11 Plus English

Boys will be tested on their reading and writing skills, though the precise nature of these assessments will vary from year to year.
Examples might include comprehensions, descriptive writing activities, short reviews, and invitations to continue a passage in the voice of the author. We want boys with a history of wide-ranging and ambitious reading, in particular those with developing awareness of how great writers use language for effect. Boys will be expected to display a wide vocabulary and show that they are able to write extended prose both fluently and accurately.

Westminster School 11 Plus Entry Process:


Based on the results of the written papers, we will invite approximately 50 boys back for an interview. This is a chance for us to get to know the boys and their interests.


You can get an idea about the Common Pre-test by going through previous Westminster school entrance exam papers available on our site. The written Exam is compulsary in Westminster School 11 Plus Entry Process.

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Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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