11 Plus Identify Weaker and Stronger areas

11 Plus Identify Weaker and Stronger areas:

If there is no time limit in 11 plus exam, we firmly believe all the children will get more or less same marks.  Some would take less time to answer while others take a lot of time to answer.

11 Plus Grammar / 11 Plus Independent schools are highly competitive, and any techniques to improve speed will put your children in front of others. If you know the questions which your child is struggling, then you can focus on those topics (weaker) compared to other topics (stronger).

Identifying your child’s 11 Plus Identify Weaker and Stronger areas will give you an advantage in 11 Plus Grammar / 11 Plus Independent school exam preparations. At 11PluseHelp.co.uk, we continuously strive to improve your child’s performance and come up with innovative methods / Tests / Resources.

We’ve implemented an individual question time feature to identify your child’s 11 Plus Weaker and Stronger areas.

Use 11Plus4Fun.co.uk for Stronger and Weaker topics:

Total Practice Test Time vs Individual Question Time. 

🚩 Individual Question Time 

This shows the time taken by you to mark an individual answer, i.e. Time is taken by you to complete a question of the practice test. As in the below 11 plus example, it took 211 secs (approximately 3.52 minutes) to answer the question no.1 whereas it took 4.7 minutes to answer all the remaining questions. One question took half of the test time. This question (topic) needs some explanation or revision to improve speed.


🚩 Total Time Taken 

This feature shows the total time taken by you to complete the whole practice test. The time is calculated in minutes and the actual time to complete the test in 10 mins or 15 min based on the test paper you are taking. Therefore, in the below   11 plus test paper of bar graphs, the Total Time Taken is 8:24 mins.



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Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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