“The Fallen Kingdom”

“The Fallen Kingdom” by Rahul

Darkness fell on the kingdom as I struggled myself on top of the century-year-old hilltop. Screams of doom and misery engulfed my mind as branches like withes hands scratched my back. Hands from the dead raised above the scorpion-filled, dry soil when rotten roots from undergrowth tripped me over. Haunted sculptures from World War Two looked at me in a very angry way as the pathway I was on disintegrated into ash.

A rusty, burnt-black tower leant over me as if it was about to fall. Remains of rubble and wings from a German fighter jet were bent into a dangerous crooked spike that could bring blood to anything that touches it. All life was now at an end as an eerie silence filled my surroundings. Boom! My heart skipped a beat. There was something behind me. I had to run.

I sprinted as fast as my legs could carry me the sound getting nearer and nearer the faster I got. Bang! A sound of an immense explosion was heard behind me. Without daring to look back, I continued running as fast as a bullet. The ground became rough and rocky, even the slightest object couldn’t be seen and I was stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Eventually, I came up to an abandoned hut isolated with nothing around it. Shattered windows and a hole in the rooftop made the shack colder than being outside. Its skin had scratches and had no evidence of paint and life inside the hut. It leant above a slime-green filthy swamp which was hungry and ready to swallow the hut up. Because that was the only shelter available, I had to go to it.

As I approached the door, I knocked on it to see if anyone was there. Unexpectedly, the hinges snapped and the door plummeted to the ground with a crash. I searched around the rooms but there was no one to be seen. I sat on the broken floorboards and hoped to be rescued.


Who was there?




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