Man who is walking through the storm…..

“Man who is walking through the storm…..” by Rahul

I watched the mist and gloom take over the sunlight. Black clouds from the dead emerged from there horizon as torrential rain poured down on me. An unusual shimmer of light twinkled in the night sky. What could it be? With teeth shattering and legs shaking, I slowly advanced towards the only light I could see. I dared not to look back, as I feared someone or something was stalking me. Crackle! A queer sound of footsteps reverberated in my head. A familiar noise of my family made me wonder. What was I doing here?

Crackle! The same noise echoed in my head. This time, I started to run a little faster, trying to escape from whatever was following me. Crunch! The sound of leaves crackled between my feet. “Hello?” I muttered listening for a sound. There was no response. Was this a dream? No! It surely can’t be! Screams made me think of nightmares I once had, and a strange noise of whispering gave me a headache I could never forget. The Light was getting brighter and brighter as I went closer. The crunching sound of leaves and grass got faster and faster behind me. Something was wrong.

I slowly turned my head to see what was hunting me. “Who ar-!” I paused. BANG!

Lights Out…

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