“The Fascinating Four ” by Sai

“The Fascinating Four ” by Sai

There were three children called Admiring Amy, Mischievous Mike, Tremendous Tony, and lastly Brave Barker, who was a dog. To say this, people called them the Fascinating Four! One day, their mum told them that they could decide whether they wanted to go the countryside bit by the hills and live in a cool cottage. The four of them were very excited and they danced like they were at a disco party. “Yes!” shouted both of them -except Barker. “Woof, woof!” said Barker, which meant that he was very overjoyed !! The next day, the three naughty children packed their bags, while Amy (who was the oldest) calculated the distance to Mike’s house. “Oooh I can’t wait to see the amazing look on Mike’s face, Eeek !” said Tony (who was the youngest in their family) “I can’t wait either,” replied Amy, who wasn’t that dignified like Tony. Then, Amy, Tony’s mum called Mike and he pleasantly said that he would meet Amy and Tony at the Forest-call railway station. “YES!!!” the two adorable, but troubling children shouted, however, Tony jumped and when he had touched the rough ground he did a deadly dab, and because he knew how to do take the L (in a footnote) he did that is well. Amy knew why (sometimes) Tisky Tony did that groovy dance ( she thinks) move. Amy’s mum was suddenly becoming Boldly Baffled.
“Mum, Tony ( my brother) did that because he can’t stopover to not eat the delicious sandwiches they sell at the mini food stand or shop…” Amy said to her Magnificent mum, who was itching her hilarious hair which just got muddled up slightly/a bit. “Oh yeah!” realised mum, as she put her hand on her head and shook her oval-shaped, cute head. “I forgot about that.” When they were ready, they strolled out and got into each of their colourless caravans -although Mike had to share with Tony and Amy had to share with (the dog in case you forgot) Barker. After a while, they reached Forest-call railway station Mike was there, but surprisingly he was playing on his Apple company tablet 2017 type of model. “MIKE!” yelled Amy. “We’re here for you!” Without a doubt, we obviously know that Tony sprinted off to get his sample offer, buy one sandwich and get another one for free. Kindly, he brought one for everyone else and the shopkeeper gave a shiny, white, glamorous bone for Barker. Also, Tony could easily tell by how Barker was standing and understood that he needed some kind of food to keep him strong and give him loads of power and energy! “Oh,you’re here Amy and; where’s Tony?”

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