“HOW I GOT MY DOG” …..by Sai K


When I was in the curious animal store I looked around and my granny told me to choose a special dog as fast as I could. Then, I saw a brown, stripy, hairy dog looking straight at me like, I and he was in a champion staring contest!! After that, I decided to take that dog, because it was a rare one these types of dogs were really challenging to actually find in simple (but big) pet centres recently TODAY!. Next, I ran speedily to my granny, who was sitting down and continue talking to a lady in the pet centre as well. ” Granny, I chose my dog and I am not going to have a second thought.!” I exclaimed waving my slender (a little) arms in-front of her to get her attention. I could not help, so I pinched her hand a bit angrily. Suddenly, I saw a girl and I started to talk to her like granny too.
”Hey, Richard (my name) have u chosen your dog yet?” called out elderly gran. I could tell she was getting pretty annoyed because she had a tiring face expression and she kept on sighing a lot since I started to talk to that girl.

”Coming, just putting my badge on, and I have,” I answered. When, I told gran which dog I wanted she was a bit baffled because she thought that hairy dogs attract mouses into houses which are big (like ours), and also she never let me get a dog at first because she actually was S.C.A.R.E.D of them. Then, my mum luckily made granny pat a dog and amazingly her fear just disappeared, so she told me that I could choose any type of dog I wanted. That’s why I was in the pet store in the first place!! After that, we went to the till and the dog was on a 2-pound discount, which made it 7 pounds and ten pence!… A while later, we reached to our home, which was glistening in the shiny moonlight. Immediately, I ran into the huge, colourful living room to show everyone my pet dog (and I called him bites, as he looked fierce and he did have some sharp, pointy teeth!!! //////// /// T.H.E. end of this S.T.O.R.Y. /// /////////

delicious / crunchy / perspective / excited / laughing / relieved / emotion / happily / over-excited / yawning / slender

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