11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests available @ 11PluseHelp.co.uk

Verbal Reasoning is an area that assesses children’s problem-solving skills when working at speed and it also tests how efficiently they can process information. As this subject is not taught in primary schools, children may feel quite strange and get tensed for solving this section of the question paper. Hence a lot of practice is required so that children get familiarised with such type of questions. This will, however, builds your child’s confidence.

We have a number of verbal reasoning tests like Short tests, Long tests and Mock tests on topics of verbal reasoning number sequences, word codes, shuffled sentences and many other topics as listed below:

S.No11 Plus VR Tests
1Young animals 02
2Young animals 01
3Odd One Out 05
4Analogies 05
5Analogies 04
6Three Letter Missing Word 13
7Odd One Out 04
8Odd One Out 03
9VR Related numbers 06
10VR Word Codes 06
11Number Equations 03
12Number Equations 02
13Shuffled Sentences 07
14Letter Sequences 09
15Number Equations 01
16VR Anagrams 04
17VR Anagrams 03
18VR Anagrams 02
19VR Anagrams 01
20VR Hidden Words 03
21VR Hidden Words 02
22Three Letter Missing Word 12
23Three Letter Missing Word 11
24VR Insert A Letter 07
25VR Related numbers 05
26VR Related numbers 04
27VR Insert A Letter 04
28VR Insert A Letter 06
29VR Insert A Letter 05
30VR Related numbers 03
31VR Related numbers 02
32VR Related numbers 01
33VR Calculating with Letters 03
34VR Calculating with Letters 02
35VR Calculating with Letters 01
36VR Opposites 03
37VR Opposites 02
38VR Word Codes 05
39VR Word Codes 04
40VR Word Codes 03
41VR Word Codes 02
42VR Word Codes 01
43VR Similar meaning 01
44VR Opposites 01
45VR Hidden Words 01
46VR Codes 02
47VR Codes 01
48VR Anagrams
49VR Compound words 05
50Compound words 04
51Compound words 03
52Compound words 02
53Compound words 01
54Letter Sequences 08
55Letter Sequences 07
56Letter Sequences 06
57Letter Sequences 05
58Letter Sequences 04
59Letter Sequences 03
60Letter Sequences 02
61Letter Sequences 01
62Three Letter Missing Word 10
63Three Letter Missing Word 09
64Three Letter Missing Word 08
65Three Letter Missing Word 07
66Three Letter Missing Word 06
67Three Letter Missing Word 05
68Three Letter Missing Word 04
69Three Letter Missing Word 03
70Three Letter Missing Word 02
71Three Letter Missing Word 01
72VR Insert A Letter 03
73VR Insert A Letter 02
74Shuffled Sentences 03
75Shuffled Sentences 02
76Shuffled Sentences 01
77Analogies Test 03
78Analogies Test 02
79Odd One Out 02
80Odd One Out 01
81Analogies Test 01
82Verbal Reasoning Demo Test
83VR Insert A Letter 01

All these practice tests lead to perfect practice so that your child can be able to crack any sort of entrance tests. You can take tests as many times you want and results are displayed immediately.

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