Creative Writing “That reminds me…” by Moazzan

Creative Writing “That reminds me…” by Moazzan

Halloween-Hero-1-H I was so excited on that wonderful day, I WAS MOVING TO A NEW HOUSE! Even though I planned exactly how that day was going to go, I was not expecting it to turn out how it did…
As I carelessly glanced around my dusty, old attack when out of the corner of my eye something caught my attention. As I bent down to set a closer look at it, a recollection flashed in my mind…
I was seven years old, and that misty Halloween, I was going to learn a lesson I wasn’t going to forget anytime soon. I was in my room with my positive friend Maxy.
“I can’t wait until it turns midnight!” Maxy shrieked with joy.
I asked Maxy with full seriousness, “Do your parents know about this?”
She looked at me anxiously, then shouted… “NOPE!”
I hated it whenever she did that!
I looked at here irritatedly, “Come on, let’s go trick or treating! Remember to remind me to set a reminder on my phone to remind to come home before three am!” I reminded Maxy.
“Okay, okay let’s just go!” she repeated annoyingly.
Although we lived in a safe area, as soon as we left the house we were confronted by a tall, creepy man wearing a pitch black ski cap. He grabbed as both, clutching us tight in his arms.
“Look, look I wa, wa, won’t tell your parents you were out this late if you don’t tell them about me. Here, ha, have some candy.” he wailed in his rough voice, handing me and Maxy a squishy jelly bean each.
To that day I’d never thought about that man, or Maxy if I’m being honest. I looked at the sweet in my hand, it was very same one. I popped it into my mouth thinking that it couldn’t have that bad consequences, immediately, I tumbled to the ground.

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