Creative Writing “The message of Earth” by Shaila

Creative Writing “The message of Earth” by Shaila

Dear Residents of Earth,

Every one always thinks about themselves over others and they prioritise me last, let alone be first rank in their list. Let me tell you that you are torturing me with perspiration, I am warming up.

Many billion years ago, I provided you with life and water. How dare you underestimate my gift to human kind! I suffered the many asteroids to provide you with life;the universe’s volcanoes erupted here.

Do not underestimate my power of intellect for I know the antidote for this chaos, all you have to do is abandon some of man’s ways of living and adapt my way of life. I know man has intellect, more than I do, we can do this.

Please change your ways.

Yours Sincerely,
Your Life Provider.

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