Creative Writing : “Stuck in an elevator with an enemy!” by Jaara

Creative Writing :  “Stuck in an elevator with an enemy!” by Jaara


Clicking a button,the elevator doors rapidly swung open,welcoming me inside.My name is Serena Jewel and I am seventeen years old.Stepping inside,I spotted Samantha Clare,shuffling nervously at my presence.Sniffing, I turned my back on her and started to twiddle with my golden,silky hair.The reason I despised Samantha was that she was ugly and never made an effort to look good!She had dark,messy hair which was always scrapped back into an uneven ponytail,she wore big black glasses, she had a face as pale as a ghost’s and she wore old tights,which made me cringe and a baggy t-shirt.Yes,I know,I am not quite a nice person as you think I would be.I was queen bee of the school,always gossiping about people at least three metres away from me plus my dad was a millionaire,so I was filthy rich as well.Abruptly,the elevator stopped dead.Oh no,I thought,staring at Samantha.

“Open!”I screamed loudly,banging the door for the sixth time.Tossing back my lovely locks,I gave Samantha an icy glare,which was so cold it would have given her frost bites.Looking away,Samantha squirmed,tightening her horrendous ponytail.
“What are you looking at?I know my beauty is irresistible,but please try to restrain yourself!”I snapped,putting my perfect,manicured hand on my thing waist.
“Yes of course,”she murmured uncomfortably,”I think I know how to-”
“And what’s up with the ponytail?Seriously,it makes me sick seeing it everyday!”I shouted unkindly,pointing at her tangled up-do.Pushing up her glasses,she nodded,”Yes,I will fix that,but,I think we need to break-”
“Plus,where did you get those clothes from,your McDonald’s happy meal?”I insulted cruelly,wrinkling my nose.Red as beetroot,Samantha’s face grew hot as lava.
“Listen to me,because I know how to get out of here!Now,let me tell you how!”

Standing on hand-grip bars,I ruthlessly beat the small,metal outline of a square hole,which was at the top of the elevator.CLUNK!Yes,I had did it!After Samantha’s genius brain did all the calculations,she said we could climb out the elevator from the top,since there would be a rope,which is how the elevator travels floor to floor.Giving her a bright grin,I climbed out onto the top of the machine,followed by Samantha.I would probably never forgive myself,but I pushed my glorious hair into a scrappy ponytail,I knew I had to or else it would be a huge pain while climbing the rope.
“Follow me,”whispered Samantha quietly,hoisting herself up the rope.Climbing right after her,I felt a greasy,wet liquid dribble across my hand,leaving a black trail behind.Oil!
“Ew,gross!”I exclaimed,looking up to Samantha’s giggling face.

After half an hour,we had made it onto the roof of the mall.Squealing with excitement and relief,I hugged Samantha.
“I am so sorry,I take back everything I said!Can you forgive me?”I apologised hopefully.She pondered for a few seconds,”Of course!”I didn’t mind when she got oil over my clothes when we hugged because she was my best friend.Also,I’ll buy new ones anyway!



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