Creative Writing : “My life” by Shaila

Creative Writing : “My life” by Shaila


“Ouchie!” I cried as I tumbled down the coarse terrain. I looked down at myself: I was covered in twigs, leaves and blood. I reached out to remove the debris, and it was that time only, when I realised the pain.I stood up (feeling half-dead)and brushing off the dust from my shoulders, I crippled towards something that seemed to be a rose coated in neon.

As I crawled closer, the vision of the rose transformed into an ocean of rose petals. The awe-inspiring image dazed me as I, once again, tripped on a blunt stone and tumbled down a rough terrain.

“What has happened to you? I see you have been having a hard time.” whispered a voice so gently, I was attracted to it, like metal to a magnet. Almost instantly, I noticed it was a angel who requested me to follow her, she was a pure white rose whose voice was as soft as a refined nightingale’s song; there was hardly any reason to refuse.
“Where are you taking me?” I blurted out abruptly.
” To your respective paradise.” she replied.
“Where are we now?”
” In heaven,” she replied calmly.
“What!” I screamed. I recalled what happened to me a few minutes ago, and realised that my skin was pale and my body was transparent for I was no longer a living being, but a helpless spirit.
“I want to go home!” I cried tearfully, begging for my life.
“You cannot go to your earthly home, but I can take you to your heavenly home.” replied her.

So this is where I am writing now accompanied by many other spirits and angels.

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