Creative Writing : “The Magical Garden” by Sridhana

Creative Writing: “The Magical Garden” Sridhana


It is wide and open, sloping gently down to a cosmic-blue river. A corpse (grove) of cypress pines flanks us on one side, with a thicket (grove) of peaceful beeches standing guard on the other. Apple trees run through the centre of the garden, casting a lake of claw shadows onto the grass. In autumn, the fiery brilliance of their leaves is a sight: scorching oranges, burning browns and molten reds. Then they drift to the ground as silently and carelessly as an ash cloud, settling into their eternal rest.

Past the river, there is a plush-green meadow that stretches away into the vastness and a dragon-backed mountain. In winter, the stricken (overwhelming) loneliness of its peak sends shivers down my spine, wondering how anything could survive up there. The fog that coils around it seems as old and fey (unearthly) and grey as the mountain itself, an alien presence that can dampen any mood. I call it Crimean Mountain, the ancient name for the land of perpetual mist. When spring finally comes, antediluvian (multi-coloured) rainbows drench the mountain with coloured fire and the light leaks into the garden.

And that is why I love spring in the garden so much. After January, there is stained glass clarity to the sunbeams. It starts with panes of light poking the shadows and making the earth steam. Midges rise with the grass mist, hanging like moon dust in the glassy haze. Daffodils detonate from the ground overnight as if some necromancer (warlock) had put a spell of banishment on the winter. Hey presto and it’s gone. Lipstick-pink peonies adorn the fringes of the garden and honeysuckle festoons (wraps around) the hedges with their ladylike perfume. The aroma of geosyncline (earth smell) percolates through the air. If you inhale deep enough, the potpourri of scents registers as a sweet mix of jasmine, grass vapour and blossoms.

As if on cue, the herald of spring arrives after taking a sabbatical for the winter. The blackbird is the main player in the dawn chorus, his song as clear and fresh as the garden he will later raid. Warbling wrens and carolling chaffinches join him, creating an orchestra of sound. It cascades into the open spaces, ghosts through windows and onto the smiling lips of the sleepers within. This earth song of nature rouses the rest of the animals from their slumber. Dozy hedgehogs totter like zombies as they get drunk on the last of the rotten apples. Butterflies flutter through the air with their velvet wings. Above them, a murmuration (flock) of starling’s loop and reel like wind-tossed gunpowder. As the grass in the garden grows to Jurassic heights, pheasants cluck like cockerels and sprint like roadrunners, celebrating the arrival of spring.

The river I told you about earlier has a magical quality to it that I haven’t seen elsewhere. After the mountain snowmelt has purged it of its brandy-brown hue, usually in February, I love to take pre-breakfast walks down to it. The full glory of the garden is revealed as I idle past the suede soft flowers. They are tingling my fingers with nature’s electricity as I touch them. Jewel-green grasshoppers bounce off the flowers like leggy trampolines. Above me, the vault of the sky seems to grow wider and higher as the morning wears on. It increases the acoustics and magnifies the richness of colour. I can hear the lullaby of the breeze swishing through the trees much clearer now and little animals scurry and shuffle in the undergrowth. Versace-purple crocuses peep shyly at me and I am lost in the marvel of springtime.

I can see cobwebs in the grass, glistering in the littoral (of a sea/lake) light that the river reflects. They look like fishermen’s nets of finely meshed steel. There’s the most welcoming of scents in the air, a spearmint aroma that hangs and loiters above the wild garlic. I sit on the bench we made some time back and engage in my favourite pastime; river gazing. The water is lens clear and it is easy to spot the speckled trout at the bottom. Every so often, they explode up through the crystal water and soar into the air. Their hang time would do credit to Michael Jordan and like Nike, the Greek god of victory, they must have wings to stay up so long. Iridescent (brilliant of colour) kingfishers flash by in a flurry of blue and gold, using the river as a superhighway. Apart from the plunking of trout and the thrumming of wings, it is convent quiet at the bottom of the garden, a haven of peace and solitude.

I sit on the bench, watching the sun slowly rise over the Crimean mountain. At first, the lonely peak seems to hinder its ascent and it looks like an orc (crescent necklace) of oriole-gold (halo of a saint). Then its full splendour reveals itself and it soaks the garden with the effulgence (brightness) of its smile. I can see the sunlight chasing the crab-shadows of the apple trees across the steaming grass. A blackbird alights onto a nearby branch and launches into an avian aria (solo song). Within moments, a fusillade of bird song follows him, rupturing the silence of the morn. It is a welcome invasion of the peace, but I sigh as I get up from the bench. As I wend (wind) my way back through the enchanted garden and towards the house, I have only one wish; that those in slumberland within wear the same, easy smile that plays across my lips.

Creative Writing is a form of descriptive words Writing where creativity is at the forefront of its purpose. Here the writer must use his imagination, creativity, and innovation to tell a story through strong written visuals. Creative Writing is probably one of the most challenging sections of the 11+ exams for many students. The reason is that you could not gather enough thoughts under the tight time constraints during the exam. children can write stories on topics like a beautiful garden, secret garden and garden essay.

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Creative Writing for the 11 plus test is two ways – either you are asked to write an original story for the given title or complete a continuous prose exercise in the same writing style. Both types of tasks will examine your ability to plan, create and then write in a structured manner using good vocabulary.

11+ Creative writing and Story Writing:

11+ Creative writing and Story Writing

Creative Writing is the main difference between most Grammar Schools’ tests and Independent Schools’ tests. Grammar School tests usually don’t include this section as their tests are of multiple-choice format. However, Independent secondary Schools do because humans mark the tests.

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11+ Creative Writing


Using Creative Writing Blog, the child can upload a creative writing piece. We publish the best Creative Writing pieces in our blog. This’ll encourage children to write a descriptive writing piece and improve writing skills. Creative Writing is also called Descriptive Writing.

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