Creative Writing : “The Homeless Children” by Jaara

Creative Writing :  “The Homeless Children”  by Jaara


Huddling together on a cold winter morning,all five of us shuddered thinking of today’s work that was ahead of us.I was the first one to get on my feet.Sprinting across the dusty ground,I walked to a wealthy man.Bowing to his polished boots,I begged,”Please sir,I am terribly hungry and would like some pennies to buy food.” Softening,his thin lips curved into a kind smile,as he dropped some brown pennies into my grubby hands.I thanked him and ran off to my brothers and sisters.There was five of us to feed,me,Alfie,Beatrice,Sam and Chloe,who was the youngest.They were still sleeping when I got back so I hauled them up to work.I hoped we could enough to eat a small dinner.

After a few begging and bowing,Alfie ran towards me with a terrified look on his face.”Cassie,a man took Chloe while she was dancing!”he shouted,pulling my arm.I was in shock.”Show me where he went,”I growled in anger.How dare that wretched man touch Chloe!Following the path where Alfie showed me,I heard Chloe’s voice.”Let go of me,please!”she shrieked.Sprinting to the kidnapper,punched him hard in the stomach and scratched him in the face.Grabbing Chloe,we rapidly darted back to our family.

Thundering,we hid inside an abandoned shop.”I am happy we’ve got Chloe back,”Sam murmured sleepily,hugging Beatrice for warmth.Everyone yawned in agreement.That moment,I had loved my siblings beyond compare.It didn’t matter that we were orphans anymore,we had each other.Closing my eyes,I drifted into a tranquil sleep.


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