Creative Writing : “The Beautiful Garden” by Jaara

Creative Writing :  “The Beautiful Garden” by Jaara

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Shining like polished diamonds, the sapphire-blue sky was cloud free.Stroking the soft,green grass, the fresh dew twinkled earnestly.I dipped my pale fingers into the cool, still pond, trying not to scare the fluffy ducks.Sighing, I leaned against a tall,slender tree, feeling the shade shield me from the strong burning sunshine.Everything that provoked me melted away like hot butter.This was my beautiful garden.

Trailing in the apple orchard,I reached out to one of these red,plump apple.Biting into it’s crispy,white flesh,sweet,juicy flavour dribbled across my tongue.Chirping merrily,a tiny robin tweeted melodiously on a branch.Jumping from the pond,golden fish leap in the air.Gently blowing,the soft breeze tickled my face.Leaking from the mighty oaks,sap as smooth as toffee slides down the trees.

Dozing on a comfy bench,my eye lids grew as heavy as boulders and they snapped shut.A few hours later, I heard mum calling for me, “Amy,Amy where are you?” Jumping up, I sprinted across the field.Looking one last time at my beautiful garden,I want home.



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