Creative Writing : “The terror of Gustave” by Harrshiv

Creative Writing : “The terror of Gustave” by Harrshiv

“Phew, it is hot in here!” explained Tom’s friend, Matt

Debbie obviously had the same thought, as she was waving the leaf of a pine tree over herself.

Tom, though sweating badly, did not even think of the weather, he was too busy staring at a large, scaly stick (or at least that was what he thought it was) gradually moving closer towards their rowing boat.

What he did not realize, was that the “stick” was actually a twenty-meter tall crocodile luring the poor teenagers into a trap. Debbie was the first to actually notice something suspicious, “Is that stick, like, moving?” she had said. Then they all noticed the dark shadow full of razor –sharp teeth. The crocodile lashed out at them.

“RUN!” they all yelled. Tom ran into the so fast he forgot he was even on a boat in the first place. Soon, he reached land and sighed in desperate relief. He could just barely make out Matt and Debbie sprinting after him, breathing heavily. They were too slow. Tom heard Debbie’s high pitched scream and Matt’s cry for help and then they were no longer to be seen.

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