“The Gold Robber” by Aarush

“The Gold Robber” by Aarush

As the night crept in, John was at the restaurant with his family. There was an aberrant man who was sitting on the table next to them. He wore translucent, black glasses which covered his eyes and he smiled in an impish manner.

The man started to drift off into a weary sleep and used his briefcase as a pillow. As the stranger- what Jhon thought the man was – aroused from his fatigue rest, Jhon spotted that the man’s briefcase was open and Jhon managed to whisk away a quick glance at it and he caught sight of a flicker which came out of it. Jhon excused himself from the table to go to the toilet. As John walked to it, he glanced at the case and saw pieces of gold. What was he going to do?

His mind was racing! should he go back to his parents and tell them? No, they wouldn’t believe him. Should he go and tell a member of staff?No, they wouldn’t believe him either, or he could go up to the man and speak to him face to face. The man definitely saw Jhon looking at his briefcase because he put his finger to his lips and signaled (indicated) to Jhon that he should be mum (quiet).

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