11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Preparation

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Preparation

11PluseHelp.co.uk has various tests in Verbal Reasoning.

These tests are useful for preparing for 11 Plus CEM, SET, CSSE and GL assessment, Independent Schools and other 11 Plus entrance examinations in the UK.

Verbal Reasoning tests your skills rather than testing your acquired knowledge. You need to develop the skills to think critically to solve problems and improve your ability to process information to comprehend the concepts formed in words.

These 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning tests measure your child’s problem-solving ability. Your child needs good literacy skills as well as cognitive ability skills.

With no school teaching these skills to children, it is important to learn them from other resources.

Have a look at some Sample 11 Plus Questions here:







Our platform 11plusehelp.co.uk has covered a lot of practice entrance exam papers and other entrance test resources to improve your child’s usefulness for the Eleven Plus exam. We provide a lot of verbal Reasoning question tests for children, such as verbal assessments, verbal reasoning practice papers, 11 plus verbal reasoning sample papers, verbal reasoning worksheets, 11 verbal reasoning practice papers free, 11 verbal reasoning past papers, online verbal reasoning test free, verbal mocks, free verbal reasoning tests with answers and many more.

Your child needs an excellent English vocabulary to perform well in verbal reasoning tests. Plenty of online flashcards are also available under the “My Flashcards” menu helping your child to develop vocabulary skills. This helps your child get acquainted with most of the words, their synonyms and opposites.

Odd One Out 04
Odd One Out 03
VR Related numbers 06
VR Word Codes 06
Number Equations 03
Number Equations 02
Shuffled Sentences 07
Letter Sequences 09
Number Equations 01
VR Anagrams 04
VR Anagrams 03
VR Anagrams 02
VR Anagrams 01
VR Hidden Words 03
VR Hidden Words 02
Three Letter Missing Word 12
Three Letter Missing Word 11
VR Insert A Letter 07
VR Related numbers 05
VR Related numbers 04
VR Insert A Letter 04
VR Insert A Letter 06
VR Insert A Letter 05
VR Related numbers 03
VR Related numbers 02
VR Related numbers 01
VR Calculating with Letters 03
VR Calculating with Letters 02
VR Calculating with Letters 01
VR Opposites 03
VR Opposites 02
VR Word Codes 05
VR Word Codes 04
VR Word Codes 03
VR Word Codes 02
VR Word Codes 01
VR Similar meaning 01
VR Opposites 01
VR Hidden Words 01
VR Codes 02
VR Codes 01
VR Anagrams
VR Compound words 05
Compound words 04
Compound words 03
Compound words 02
Compound words 01
Letter Sequences 08
Letter Sequences 07
Letter Sequences 06
Letter Sequences 05
Letter Sequences 04
Letter Sequences 03
Letter Sequences 02
Letter Sequences 01
Three Letter Missing Word 10
Three Letter Missing Word 09
Three Letter Missing Word 08
Three Letter Missing Word 07
Three Letter Missing Word 06
Three Letter Missing Word 05
Three Letter Missing Word 04
Three Letter Missing Word 03
Three Letter Missing Word 02
Three Letter Missing Word 01
VR Insert A Letter 03
VR Insert A Letter 02
Shuffled Sentences 03
Shuffled Sentences 02
Shuffled Sentences 01
Analogies Test 03
Analogies Test 02
Odd One Out 02
Odd One Out 01
Analogies Test 01
Verbal Reasoning Demo Test
VR Insert A Letter 01

And many more 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests are being added regularly….

11 Plus Complete Features

11 Plus Complete Features

more sample tests on all verbal reasoning topics, browse the link given below:


11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Preparation Tests:

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests

11PluseHelp.co.uk is a one-stop-shop for 11 Plus preparation, including 11 Plus Independent schools preparation.

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