General Pattern of 11 Plus tests

General Pattern of 11 Plus tests is a one stop shop for 11 Plus preparation including 11 Plus Independent schools preparation.

There is no standard model of 11 Plus tests for all the Grammar Schools. Some schools conduct a test to evaluate the knowledge of the child in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal reasoning and other schools test on few of these subject areas. Generally the following subjects will be covered in General Pattern of 11 Plus tests.

  1. English : The main of aim of conducting an English test is to determine a child’s standard of English (LSRW) skills which comprises of Reading comprehension, Vocabulary , Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling. There is no standardized form of writing task as the schools create on their own.
  1. Maths : To evaluate the child’s required standard of mathematical & problem solving skills at a good pace without using any calculators or electronic devices.
  1. Verbal Reasoning: The main purpose of verbal reasoning test is to evaluate a cognitive ability of a child in drawing relations ships between words, ability to look for patterns and careful analysis of word structures. Verbal reasoning questions gives an idea to the schools, the child’s knack to deduce, comprehend, utilize and manipulate words. These skills are more imperative and a sign of child’s potential for learning across through the curriculum
  1. Non-Verbal Reasoning : Non-Verbal Reasoning is a non-language test to determine the child’s aptitude to see patterns and draw relationships . This enables the child to probe, realize and conclude from close observation. The tests also gives an understanding to the schools about a child’s potential to work effectively and conceptually. covers all the above subjects comprehensively where child can have full length preparation for the 11 Plus exams online at any time.

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