Improve speed in 11 Plus exams

How to improve your speed in 11 Plus exams? is a one-stop-shop for 11 Plus preparation including 11 Plus Independent schools preparation.


1) First and foremost should be knowing the basics, fundamentals and solving different problems.

2) Use timed tests and practice various types of questions/tests and keep track of all test timings.

3) Sit down with children when they are doing tests and note down the questions where they are struggling or taking more time to answer

4) Work out on the topics which they’re struggling or taking more time to answer

5) Practice as many tests as possible and don’t pay too much attention to weakness/mistakes.

6) Mistakes should disappear with a lot of practice and technique improvements. – Use online practice tests which records time, marks, and preserves history, analysis report per test and provides an explanation to all questions and other useful tips.

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Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent


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