Objective of 11 Plus test

Objective of 11 Plus test:

11 Plus tests are usually used by selective state secondary schools in England. There are almost 164 grammar schools in England which are fully selective and follow 11+ tests for admissions. Though 11 + tests are formally suspended in Northern Ireland, but many of the grammar schools are still implementing an exam as a part of their admission process to test the basic knowledge of the child in English and Mathematics. The main principle of conducting the 11 Plus exams is to motivate the students who excel in studies and to be placed in superior schools which give quality education with high standards, and disciplines at low fee structure. Nearly, majority of 11+ tests will take place in the month of September. Due to limited number of seats available each year, the competition will be at a greater extent. Parents can get the detailed information of admission procedures & selection standards from the individual school websites or from the local authority.

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Practice and Perseverance Over Genius and Talent



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