“My Favourite Movie – Home Alone” by Adwita Gupta

“My Favorite Movie – Home Alone” by Adwita Gupta

My favorite movie, Home Alone, is about a boy, Kevin, who is 10 years and is left accidentally at home with some burglars.

His family went on holiday and forgot him at home due to him oversleeping. The night before he had said, after a family incident, he wished that he was never with his family and his dream came true! He then realized his family was not home, and was happy that he wasn’t with his “annoying” parents anymore! He brushed his teeth, had a shower, combed his hair, made breakfast and…….ate it!

However, some burglars (who calls themselves “The Wet Bandits”) were watching and knew one child was left and decided to burglar the house plus, kidnap Kevin………

They were not able to commit this crime, but make a fool of themselves! While Kevin, cunningly made plans to embarrass the Wet Bandits, his family tries to contact Kevin and reach home.

RATING: ***** 5/5

RECOMMENDED TO: Children who like watching comedies and who like crime movies

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  1. good movie entry, but give more description like my writing so it can present a catchy start using fronted adverbials. I like how you’ve done in chronogical order fabulous!!!

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