“The toy room” by Arshith

The door slams. THUD! It echoes through the corridors of the old and colossal mansion. A key turns in the lock.Anger rages inside Mike indignantly, as he bites back the tears.He runs to the door hastily and tries it.It is no use. Mike yells, ‘You never let me stay up, I hate you!’He hears deafening footsteps move away from the door. Mike slumps on the bed dismally, for a few moments. The candle gutters. The room is growing dark. Mike hears noises outside, jumps off the bed and plucks up Teddy. He slips past the rocking horse and over to the window. It is Christmas Eve. In the dim light, Mike can see children playing cheerfully outside, in the snow. Mike clutches Teddy tightly…

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  1. good use of punctuation, grammar you’ve done a good use of speech, but expand your writing so we can imagine whatis happening in our writing

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