“The Best day in my life” by Gayatri

The Best day in my life

Do you know how it feels, when it is early morning and you get pushed of your bed and your younger brothers, throw cold glass of water onto your face. Well it is very irritating and that is definitely not part of my best day. At that moment I felt something , magical , dancing in my body. Anyway there is no such thing as magic.
Suddenly , when I stood up , I flew into the air. Guess what ! my brother did not notice because he was playing video games in his big screen TV. You do know how annoying it is , when you hear so much noise from the game. At that very moment , something multicoloured , zoomed out of my hand and cut the wire.
Then I quickly flew out of the room. And I went into the kitchen, then I felt bit hungry. So I thought of making some breakfast. But then the same thing happened like before but this time I got breakfast. It was my favourite, pancakes with maple syrup. Also I got vanilla and strawberry milk and for treat chocolate and butter scotch ice cream, my mouth was covered with saliva.
As I was eating I thought that I got magic, but again there is no such thing. But I still believe that I got magic. Later on mum and dad woke up but I was already ready. so I went by myself on my bike.
I went to school and I came back , it was a brilliant day as I was best in everything. Also in Maths, we had to revise everything we done on past few weeks. I got all 20 pages correct , Can you believe it ! When I came back I looked at the house and I thought it was a bit dull so I turned into a mansion with my powers. I developed this morning.
It has GAZZILION rooms. really cool hah! it gives whatever you want . But once I stepped in one of the rooms I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw a super hero cabinet. it has everything a superhero needs. then in one of the screens it showed a video about a bakery starting a fire. It started right now.
Then I rushed back outside to help. then I realised there is a gap between opposite the mansion so I reappeared my old house in that gap. so my family lived in.
I have to care of my family , don’t you think. then i went to save city. I zoomed past every single house in that town. I rescued about 5 children , 18 adults. That means i rescued 23 people.
when i put of the fire , i decided to watch a movie, because i worked so hard. so i got some popcorn & hot chocolate with whip cream, marsh mellows , oats and lemon bubbles.
after that i ate dinner. finally i went to bed. next morning i woke up and didn’t have that power.

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