“My Dream Classroom” by Riya moturi

“My Dream Classroom”

My Dream Classroom would be big and fun, and it would be so celestial children would want to come to school. Let’s start off with the desks, and they need to be enchanting to see as they will be the first thing a person would see when they come through the archway door with squared windows. Do you know how messy your desks get when you are in a rush to get something done? Well, no more in my classroom because in my classroom I’m going to put a crystal bush on every table which has several buttons .one button clears all the mess, and the next one polishes the desks and the chairs. The other throws confetti over the table when it’s someone’s birthday, and the final one lights up a candle when it’s dark! You’ve got to admit that’s pretty delectable but did you think that’s all this cloudy heaven has? Well , not quite …. So is it true that it’s so boring wetting your hands and going outside to get your heavy lunch box , dragging it around until you get to your seat ? Well no more at the sides of my spotless and let’s just say well-polished tables is a button, click it, and you can have whatever you want ( it will only let you have 1-2 things which are junk)now that is amazing but don’t go. I’m not done. Do you realize that your book corner in your classroom is a little dull with no excitement? But that’s not how mine is going to be(no,no,no!). My setting is going to be a coconut tree on a tiny island with a house and a swing and of course sand, but everyone should know what’s missing …..the sea. Under the sea is going to be the book corner with a pillow ,toys and a big cave with a bed in it . There are also tiny bubbles floating in mid-air which you can tap on, and it will make a sound ! The entrance to the book corner will be a green wavy tissue paper saying “Hook a book”. There will also be a large book outside it which has fairy tale books sitting on a page of the book.
Have you ever noticed your elaborate classroom’s pearl white walls embroiled with nothing but dust? And how your teacher nags you to do beautiful work to put up on display for the open evening? Do you see how much effort they put in by using their hands? Don’t you think they need a break? After all, they went to school already and yet they still volunteer to teach us how thoughtful is that? So introducing the display machine, it wipes off the dust and staples up some work, so the walls don’t look bare. While it’s doing that people might be getting a headache and what if you don’t have your water bottle and have to go downstairs to get them? Well, that’s a pain in the neck! So why not in the house on the island in the book corner? Because the moment you step in you wonders whether your back at home and there it is the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms and outside is a green garden filled with orchids, magnolias and Lillie’s, right at the front would be a glossy, paperwhite table, two chairs and an umbrella. On the table will be a teacup and a plate filled with cookies. When you feel better, you are free to come back from wonderland.
If you’ve had an accident and you don’t want to change into your PE clothes well it your lucky day or should I say classroom because my classroom would have changing rooms to change your dress, top and bottom while those are in the laundry. Awesome right? But you haven’t seen the grand finale so let me tell you about my newest invention. My classroom vacuum cleaner, you are probably wondering why that sound new to me, well it’s no ordinary vacuum cleaner because it doesn’t have to be pushed as soon as it senses messy sharpening or confetti it starts to vacuum by itself.
I hope this dreamland will come true I just have to wait for the right moment……..

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