Creative Writing “Trapped” by Abhinav

Creative Writing “Trapped” by Abhinav

There was something eerie about the deserted stable block. Judging by the look of it, it must of been abandoned for years! Or maybe it was a useless structure?

From the outside it looked minute. But, from the inside it was immense! There were trapdoors everywhere, hay bales took over the place. Why would someone leave it? Then, from out of nowhere I heard a noise. I ventured further into the labyrinth. Suddenly, I heard the noise again. The voice stopped for about half an hour; the tweeting of the birds took a halt. The silence was deafening!

All of a sudden, a trap door opened. It attracted me like a flickering candle attracts the unwary moth. Curious, I stepped inside: nothing was to be seen. Further an further I walked, still nothing. Further and further I walked until nothing was recognisable. The expanse had a stench of decomposed animals, which invaded my nostrils. Was I trapped? No! I thought to myself. I had to find a way out!

Then, out of a bloom, a door creaked open. Without thinking, I walked inside leaving the door ajar. My mouth tasted salty, dry dust. I was in a chamber; I cold tell because the words “Harris Hall” were embedded in one of the walls. The room was hexagonally shaped and had a plain aroma. Bang! The door behind me shut. In that very second, I could see a shadow growing sinisterly behind me. I turned to see who or what it was and…

… I was only to be met by darkness!

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