Aadya’s Creative Writing story on Imagination!

The Cloud Factory
Long long ago there lived a girl called Bella.
Bella loved clouds. She used to dream about them at night and think about them at day.
She had a wish to sit on clouds. One day Bella went into the woods and found a massive building.
She didn’t know what the building was so she went in and saw a boy inside. Bella asked the boy what building they both are in. The boy said “you are in the cloud factory”.
When Bella heard this brightness filled her eyes and she gave a huge smile on her face. “Please may I see how they make clouds” asked Bella. “Of course”, said the boy. Bella went into the first room and what a sight it was!! The Master was standing at the corner making shapes of clouds; Bella asked him what he is doing? The Master said he is making shapes of the clouds. “Anyway who are you?”, he asked, She answered, “I am Bella”. “Welcome Bella”, said the Master. Bella went to see all the rooms but her favourite one was the “Magic Cloud Room”.
The “Magic Cloud Room” makes the clouds white, sparkle and fluffy. When Bella was asked to sit on a cloud, she jumped like a Kangaroo. Everybody once a day had to sit on a cloud. Some of the cloud was over Bella’s head but everybody was with her so there was nothing to be scared about.
From the cloud, Bella could see her village but no one saw her. When they got back to the cloud factory Bella was shown how to make wind and rain. They had many tools. Each tool had a funny name. The tool they were going to use was called Nigle-Nipper. They were making wind. “The Nigle-Nipper makes things fly” said the Master. “Wow!” shouted Bella. The next tool was called the Rainy-Brainy. They were going to make rain. “The Rainy-Brainy makes little drops of water”, said the Master. “Wow”! , shouted Bella. Then they went to a special room. Before they got in the room there was a puzzle to solve. After Bella solved it they got into a room. In that room you choose were clouds go. Bella chose safe places where clouds could go. After that Bella had some time to play with clouds, she played and played until it was time to go home. But before she went home the Master gave her a present.
It was a real (but secret) cloud with a Nigel –Nipper and a Rainy-Brainy. Bella said “Thank You!” and gave some cupcakes that she left in her bag so she doesn’t feel hungry but she was having so much fun, she forgot about them! “Please come back another time” said the Master. This was Bella’s first and last visit to the Cloud Factory. After this she always missed the whole Cloud Factory unforgettable experience. When Bella grew up she used to tell her children Daisy, Emily, Lily and Sofia about her happiest and most exciting experience of the Cloud Factory. Sometimes Daisy, Emily, Lily and Sofia didn’t really believe Bella. One day Daisy, Emily, Lily and Sofia went into the woods and guess what they saw? The cloud factory of course!! Then Daisy, Emily, Lily and Sofia realized that Bella was telling the truth! So when they got home Daisy, Emily, Lily and Sofia told Bella about what they saw. Bella was amazed. She still loved clouds. Bella went to talk on the news. She told everything about the cloud factory. That is the story of how the Cloud Factory was known all around the world.

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