“My Best Holiday Ever” by Aryan

My Best Holiday

My best holiday was when I and my family went to an amazing three day trip to Paris to celebrate my 9th birthday.

All the excitement started on the 24th (three days before my birthday) and after doing some very brief birthday shopping.

Then we set off to Birmingham New Street were our coach was supposed to pick us up at 18:00 but we actually ended up waiting till 22:00.And unfortunately the coach arrived while we were having our dinner at Mc Donald’s, yet fortunately our generous driver let us eat our food inside as a one-off.

So after a quiet, well-needed nap I suddenly woke up as we were gradually entering the boarding docks. Into a magnificent and glimmering white ferry that swayed gracefully in the ripples of the shimmering sea.

The cruise was incredibly enjoyable and the food they served us although weird-tasting and cold was really mouth-savouring if you hadn’t a proper meal since breakfast the day before.

I and my younger brother loved the salty smell of the fresh sea air. And every moment my brother would come rushing to my dad asking if we had reached Paris yet ,then when my dad said no, he would sigh and return to his sighting post only coming back seconds after.

For a long tiring hour we sat staring out in distance until my brother shook us from our daze when he saw Paris in view. A loud blaring announcement burst our earlobes and we were ushered back to board our coaches by the staff.

After a small snappy talk about Calais (the place we departed from the ferry) we were took slowly, because of the heavy traffic of the Paris motorways to our middle-classed hotel set on the edge of a busy motorway. We were given a small accommodation on the 3th floor with 3 beds and a small TV that was useless because it was in fluent French.

We spent the first and second day touring France taking smiley photos with our backs against monuments. Then on my birthday the 26th after a another sluggish coach drive we ended up waiting nearly two hours in line to get tickets for Disneyland Paris!(So the wait was worthwhile in the end) We went on many rides from sitting in a purple teacup to riding a boat down a 100m steep hill and soaking ourselves to the skin.

Regretfully as the three exciting days sped past we hastily boarded the train back to Telford and back home where a night’s sleep awaits us…


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