“My favourite holiday…” By Varshita Y

My favourite holiday is when we went to Edinburgh in Scotland. I especially like this holiday as my friend came with me too !!
Her Aunt and Uncle came and we all the three families shared the luxurious hotel room.This hotel was not ordinary because all the rooms had a soft bed with a television and a crystal chandelier.I not only enjoyed it, but like visiting ancient castles and looking for fluffy sheep as they are immensely important to Scotland because they make wool scarves with it which is surprisingly their tradition.
As well as visiting most of the castles, we have been on a ferry on the Lochness .Everyone kept an eye on the water to see if they could see a Nessie but, unfortunately we could find it.Although, my mum shot a picture of white goat camouflaging ;I must say,she has a keen eye.
At last we went to the shop to purchase a souvenir which is a soldier of Scotland holding a bagpiper,so we can save it as a remembrance of our trip.I can say in all of our trips ,this was the best holiday ever!

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