My Favourite Holiday.. by Shantanu Dharanala

My Favourite Holiday.. by Shantanu Dharanala

My favourite holiday would be when we went to Tanzania to climb the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro!Around it the plains were just that-plain:there were no animals or plants to give this blank canvas some colour, just a meagre number of trees dispersed randomly on the land like someone wanted to create a wood but failed hopelessly.Only when we were at the feet of the mountain we could really see the sheer size of the mountain and only then we realised that the peak of the mountain was buried high above the clouds.Suddenly we all had cold feet…

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  1. Dear Shantanu, well done!
    Star: you have described the scenery in a good detail.
    Star: powerful vocabulary and strong adjectives were in good use.

    You could’ve described how you felt when you were climbing the mountain.

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