My Favourite Holiday.. by Rishikesh

There it was in front of me, the tropical Galapagos Islands. I was walking along the coast for quite a white seeing animals that only lived here such as the colossal giant tortoise!. As big as a house it trudged slowly along the rocky hills. Also, I saw the small marine iguana diving gracefully from a rock, as from a diving board, into the tranquil swimming pool ahead bustling with crabs and shellfish. I could smell the salty odour from the see crashing against the rocks. Above on the cliffs I could see birds hard at work making their nests.

I had the best time ever mostly because of fun, exiting activities such as rock climbing on a mountain and abseiling down a small cliff. Although it was an action packed vacation, I still got some peaceful time to rummage around rock pools.
It was the best holiday I could have ever imagined and one that will stay with me for ever.

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