All I wanted…… by Varshita Y

When I woke up,I couldn’t remember why there was bunting in my room.My mind was just …….blank! My mind was as blank as paper.Then I remembered why there was bunting in my room,it was Christmas!I just hoped I would get what I wanted.
I ran downstairs skipping few steps on the stairs and then knelt down the Christmas tree.I scattered all the presents eagerly looking around for the one that says my name on it.I couldn’t find it!I was devastated!How could my family forget me? How could they ignore me?
Just then I heard someone whisper my name behind me, I turned around and there it was my favourite family with an enormous present. I parched my tears and opened my present admiring the beautiful decoration of the wrapper.
It was a suitcase; nothing special in that.I turned around and told my mum that,this was not on my wishlist.
Mum replied that we were going for a trip to Paris and that is why she chose that present and we were going on the same day!
I cried but those are not tears of sorrow but of Joy !
I hugged everyone and said Thank you!

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