“All I wanted……” By Rosabell

Bright sunshine sparkled on my window making the heat form on my face.I woke up with a start with sweat from my bed.Today was my special day,it was my birthday!

I went into the living room and my eye caught the abundance of gifts waiting to be opened.My eyes twinkled.I was hoping for a book about plants or nature.The first parcel was small and light,which was a good sign,I opened it arduously.It was a toy made out of wool and fur.

I opened the next and the next,but sadly there was no sign of any kind of book.Laying there on the floor with my head in my hands,I didn’t hear the creeping of footsteps nor the crunching of paper.Suddenly I heard whispering and I turned back,there was my family smiling.They gave me a silver wrapped parcel decorated adorned with pink and red roses.

The gift was soon opened and I found a green book about plants inside it.This was all I wanted.