“All I wanted was- an x-box” by Abhinav Tavva

All I wanted was- an x-box

I have wanted an x-box for an extraordinary amount of countless years. A satin black x-box is what I have always wanted. Yes. Yes it is! I have always dreamt of the x-box coming with an embellished and immaculate ivory white controller; a stunning decoration sparkling as bright as an ocelot’s glimmering emerald eye and most importantly an unlimited and uplifted usage of X-BOX LIVE!!!

But, there is only one problem. Will Mum and Dad, who are oh so generous, make such a big thing a possibility? I really do wish they gave x-boxes for absolutely no cost! Well, I guess that’s not quite possible. All my friends got one. Why couldn’t I? when I asked my parents recently they said, “Maybe”. Really? Come on! Everyone knows that doesn’t help! Wait! Come to think of it I hadn’t given Mum and Dad a chance. I only asked very recently. Ah! Actually, I might get my hands on an x-box…

…Or will I?…

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