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11 Plus Shuffled Sentences

11 Plus Shuffled Sentences

11plusehelp.co.uk is a platform where you can practise Shuffled Sentence exercises through our regular online verbal reasoning papers.

A Shuffled Sentence has its words arranged in random order. It does not give any meaningful information. In the 11 plus test, the question is asked to arrange the words correctly, form a valid sentence, and find out the additional word that is unfit in the given sentence. The child should enter the superfluous word in the blank given below the question.

Shuffled Sentences are obvious in every 11 Plus verbal test, either for an 11 plus grammar school tests or an independent school test.

The child must employ ACTIVE thinking to solve such questions. He must grab the subject, object and verb of the sentence. He must be aware of sentence formats for different tenses, conjunctions being used and prepositions. After making the sentence, it is easy to find that one unique word that doesn’t fit.

Have a look at some sample 11 plus questions here:



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Verbal Reasoning tests your comprehension skills rather than testing your book knowledge. It is defined as “Understanding and comprehending using concepts formed in words.” With no school teaching these skills to children, it is important to learn them from other resources.

11 Plus VR Topic Wise Free Practice Papers:


Our platform 11plusehelp.co.uk has covered many practice entrance exam papers and other entrance test resources to improve your child usefulness for the Eleven Plus exam. We provide a lot of verbal reasoning question tests for children such as verbal assessments, verbal reasoning practice papers, 11 plus verbal reasoning sample papers, verbal reasoning worksheets, 11 verbal reasoning practice papers free, 11 verbal reasoning past papers, online verbal reasoning test free, verbal mocks, free verbal reasoning tests with answers and many more.

These tests are useful for preparing 11+ CEM, CSSE and GL assessment and any other 11 Plus entrance examinations in the UK.

CEM- CEM assessments, CEM 11 papers pdf, CEM 11 Familiarization papers:https://www.11plusehelp.co.uk/11-plus-exam-papers/11-plus-cem-exam


GL assessment - https://www.11plusehelp.co.uk/11-plus-gl-assessment-exam

Top 100 Independent School Details:https://www.11plusehelp.co.uk/top-100-independent-schools

All Grammar Schools Details:https://www.11plusehelp.co.uk/list-of-grammar-schools

Revision Pack, and guide free advice, pack your bags to the grammar school/ private school you dream of with all this preparation.

11 Plus Revision Pack:


Your child needs an excellent English vocabulary to perform well in verbal reasoning tests. Plenty of online flashcards are also available under the “My Flashcards” menu helping your child develop vocabulary skills. This helps your child get acquainted with most of the words, their synonyms and opposites.

At 11plusehelp.co.uk, we possess the following resources:

Maths- 11 Plus Maths Worksheets, 11 Plus Maths Papers free download, 11 Plus Maths topics pdfs.

English- 11 Plus English papers with answers, 11 Plus comprehension with answers, 11 English comprehensions multiple-choice, English reasoning test.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning- 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning worksheets free, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests, easy Non-Verbal Reasoning Worksheets

Practice Tests- Eleven plus sample papers, free 11 plus papers with answers, 11 plus mock test papers pdf, 11 exam question and answers, UK 11 plus exam questions, 11 online tests in Maths and English with 11 Plus answers.

We have loads of questions useful for preparing CEM, CSSE and GL assessment and any other 11Plus entrance examinations. Thus your child can take up the 11 plus test at ease and get admitted into one of the best secondary schools in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Children will love to take these tests, and learning is fun at 11plusehelp.co.uk.

To access Virtual Mock Exams, please visit:  https://11plus-mockexams.co.uk/

You can access 11 Plus FREE Papers by visiting the below link:

You can access 11 Plus FREE Sample Papers by visiting the below link:

11 Plus complete solution features:


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