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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Topics

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Topics

Are you looking for 11 plus Verbal Reasoning topics to prepare for 11+ entrance exams? We provide you with a list of 11 plus VR topics and many practice papers that will help you solve any verbal reasoning questions.

11 plus verbal reasoning test requires understanding, logical thinking and analytical ability to answer the question framed in words using the concepts of reasoning. 11plusehelp.co.uk helps your child improve logical thinking and analytical ability by providing many 11 plus verbal practice tests.

11 Plus Verbal-Reasoning is one of the main parts which challenges you in the 11+ exam11 Plus Verbal Reasoning tests your comprehension skills rather than testing your book knowledge. It is defined as “Understanding and comprehending using concepts formed in words.” With no school teaching these skills to children, it is essential to learn them from other resources.

List of 11 plus VR topics available at 11PluseHelp.co.uk:

Number Codes


VR mock

Make A Word

Move A Letter


Misplaced Words

Odd Word


Number Equations

Related Numbers

Letters for numbers

Similar meaning



Compound words

Letter Sequences

Shuffled Sentences


Insert A Letter

Hidden word

3Letter Missing Word

Odd one out


By analyzing the exam pattern and syllabus of different independent and grammar schools, we cover 23 verbal reasoning question types mentioned above. By practising the different types of practice questions in verbal reasoning tests, students or children increase their logical and analytical skills. This will help solve any VR questions and get the top score in the verbal reasoning exam paper. We provide different types of question in multiple choice format.

FREE 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Online Papers:

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11 Plus VR Mock Tests:

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We provide loads of tests on 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Topics and can be availed at one's convenience. Quick analysis and proper explanation are provided to each question soon after the 11 Plus Online Test to understand and overcome their difficulties. Here is an example of a clear explanation of a question related to 11+Verbal Reasoning :

11+Verbal Reasoning11+Verbal Reasoning

Feel free to check our website 11plusehelp.co.uk where we covered a lot of practice 11 plus entrance exam papers and other 11 plus entrance test resources to prepare your child for the Eleven Plus exam

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