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11 Plus Median

11 Plus Median

11plusehelp.co.uk  provides  11 plus practice papers on maths median.

Mean, median, and mode are measures of central tendency. Median represents the middle number of the set. The numbers right to median form the lower half, and numbers left to median forms the upper half of numbers.

Median formula:

The elements in the set should first arrange in ascending order to compute the median.

If the number of elements in a set is even, then the formula for the median is 

Median = [ (n/2+1) th element + (n/2)th element]/2

If the number of elements in a set is odd, then the formula for the median is 

Median = ((n+1)/2)th element

Computation of median:


Find the median of 50,10,140,27 and 100


First, arrange the numbers in ascending order:

10, 27, 50, 100, 140

Number of elements = 5

If the number of elements in a set is odd, then the formula for the median is 

Median = ((n+1)/2) th element

So, median = ((5+1)/2) th element = 3 rd element

Median = 50


Find the median of 23,6,12,34,9 and 3


First, arrange the numbers in ascending order:

3, 6, 9, 12, 23, 34

Number of elements = 6

If number of elements in a set is even then formula for median is 

Median = [ (n/2+1)  th element + n/2 th element]/2

             = [ (62+1)  th element + 62 th element]/2

             = [ 4th element + 3rd element]/2

              = (12+9)/2


Properties of median:

  • Median is stable in grouping procedure.
  • Every set of values have a median.
  • Median fixed by position but not individual value.
  • The distance between the median and the rest of the values is less than the distance from any other point.
  • Median less affected by extreme values.
  • Median is the middle value of the set.

Examples from our 11 Plus Practice papers:


11 Plus medianExample:2

11 plus MedianExample:3

11 Plus median


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