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11 Plus Paragraph Test

11 Plus Paragraph Test

Our 11 plus website 11plusehelp.co.uk  offers you good test papers online on Cloze Paragraph Test for your perfect practice.

cloze paragraph test is an exercise or assessment of reading comprehension, and the test taker is asked to supply words that have been systematically deleted from a text.

In these questions, you are given a paragraph with around 5 to 10 sentences with missing words. The list of the missing words is given in jumbled fashion. The child must select the most appropriate word from the options given and fill in the blanks. It is important to understand the flow and context of the passage.

Tips for mastering the cloze test:

  1. Read the passage thoroughly until you get an idea about its theme or context.
  2. Figure out the link between successive sentences. Don't treat them as individual ones.
  3. Pay close attention to keywords that are mentioned before and after the blank.
  4. Look at the options carefully and try to find out the best appropriate word following trial and error method. Words can be based on grammar, prepositions, tenses, vocabulary etc.

Example from our sample test paper is given below: 



11 Plus Cloze ( Example: 1)

Focussing on core English skills like tenses, grammar, meanings of words, and parts of speech is essential for your excellent performance in the cloze test. Children need to work on developing excellent English language vocabulary while performing these tests. Also, develop the habit of reading more texts.

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Doing lots of tests will expose children to new words every time. Moreover, the words they come across should be learnt adequately for sustainable performance improvement activity.

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