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11 Plus Place Value and Rounding Numbers

11 Plus Place Value and Rounding Numbers

Is your child facing difficulty solving 11 Plus Place Value and Rounding Numbers in the entrance exam conducted by different grammar schools, Independent schools, and other private schools?11PluseHelp.co.uk helps your children not only to overcome the difficulty in the maths test but also to top in the different school entrance exams. We provide a plethora of 11 Plus Place Value and Rounding Numbers maths practice papers.

 Rounding Numbers

Rounding a number means writing the number simpler and very close to its original number. In other words, rounding a number means making a number to its nearest value as close it was.


  • Rounding off to nearest 10:
  1. 429 is rounded off to 430
  2. 12 is rounded off to 10
  • Rounding off to nearest 100:
  1. 48 is rounded off to 0
  2. 150 is rounded off to 200
  3. 845 is rounded off 800
  • Rounding off to nearest 1000:
  1. 99 is rounded off to 0
  2. 7499 is rounded off to 7000


To round off decimals:

  1. Find the “rounding digit” and consider the digit which is right of it.
  2. If that digit is less than 5, do not change the rounding digit and remove all the digits to their right.
  3. If that digit is greater than or equal to five, add one to the rounding digit and remove all the digits to the right of it.

E.g.,    Round of the following decimals to Hundredths.

1.7245 can be rounded to 1.72 (because 4 is less than 5)

1.7256 can be rounded to 1.73 (because 5 is equal to 5)


  1. Round off 2.6273 to two decimal places

Solution: 2.63

  1. Round off 6.231 to one decimal place

Solution: 6.2

  1. Round off 4436.8 to nearest ten

Solution: 4440

  1. Round off 63970.3 to nearest hundred

Solution: 64000

  1. Round off 38.073 to nearest hundred

Solution: 38.07

11 Plus Place value :

Place value can be defined as the value represented by a digit in a number based on its position.

*Every digit in a number has a place value. 


Let the number be ‘abcdefgh’.

The place value of h = h = ones

The place value of g = g x 10 - Tens

The place value of f = f x 100 - Hundreds

The place value of e = e x 1000 - Thousands

The place value of d = d x 10000 – Ten thousand

The place value of c = c x 100000 – Hundred thousand

The place value of b = b x 1000000 – Millions

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11 Plus Practice PapersExample:2

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